• Welcome to Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Ceo Note

    Welcome to visite the website of  Fujian Zhixing activated carbon Co.,Ltd . , Thank you with your attention and support . 

    Fujian Zhixing activated carbon Co.,Ltd is a professional activated carbon manufacturer. our company was founded in 2001 and is a set of activated carbon research, development, production, sales for the integrated enterprise. Currently ,our company has 10 lines of activated carbon rotary kiln production , they have annual output of activated carbon to 20,000 tons, the Output value of  RMB1. 500 million  and  it is the leading place in the forefront of the country . the scale of production at the nation's production technology and equipment is the leading domestic level, Obtained the title of circular economy demonstration enterprise in Fujian province . The company passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, and obtain the Fujian Provincial Health Department food sanitation license and related to drinking water hygiene and safety products sanitary permit this document "and" Jewish kosher certification "," Islamic halal certification production, access to operating certification , with independent import and export operation rights. 

    The past twelve years, our companies adhere to the road of "technological innovation", and made remarkable achievements in the field of company size, technology innovation, product quality. Our Company has won a number of honors, such as Leading enterprise in China's bamboo industry , Financial credit enterprise in Fujian province , Corporate image of China AAA level unit , Fujian famous brand products , Agricultural Bank AAA level credit enterprise in Fujian province , Defends the contract heavy credit enterprise in Fujian province , Fujian excellent quality management unit , Customer satisfaction products enterprises in Fujian province , Leading enterprise agro-processing industry of forest products in Fujian Province ,  And "demonstration enterprise of circular economy in Fujian province and the national innovation demonstration enterprises of science and technology" . Our company has become the most comprehensive strength of Wood based activated carbon company enterprises in china . Our Company to meet customer needs for future development purposes , and based on the company philosophy by Market-oriented , quality products based on people-oriented, to finish won business . Strict implementation of the company's quality policy of  wherever Zhixing Appears,Trust and sincere comes prior , Never should we  say best , Better follows always . Continuous improvement product quality and customer satisfaction . Take the road to industrial scale development, investing in comprehensive strength and the core competitiveness of the company.

    our success in the past , thanks to the majority of users, suppliers, and the community's trust and support , Thanks to joint efforts of all the staff. On here, I would like on behalf of the company to a long time interest in and support of  leaders at all levels, New and old friends, new and old customers , as well as all the staff , and express my heartfelt thanks and sincere best wishes.
    Looking forward to the company's future, we are filled with pride. Our Companies adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the core, to a comprehensive utilization of resources-oriented , take the road of recycling economy on sustainable development. Efforts to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly, customer satisfaction, social harmony of activated carbon industry leader. We are take committed to our customers and the community for their concern and great kindness.

    We welcome more and more nationwide and overseas customers to creating the long lasting friendly business partnership together , A hand-in-hand cooperation for a properous future ,  And with to seek common development and common prosperity.

    Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd  
    Chairman of  the board  


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